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Hi everybody. My name is Rodney and I am a successful internet marketer.. finally. I have been doing internet marketing for over 12 years now. I have seen it all and I know when it's a winner or when it's a loser. I want to help you to become successful without all the headache and frustration that I experienced trying to get to where I am now. I will be recommending offers and services that can cut the learning curve of this marketing journey by a lot! My goal is to help as many as possible to become financially free. Let me show you the right way to make money online with as little difficulty as possible. Making money online is not rocket science but it's no piece of cake either. Together we will slay those marketing dragons and we will prevail!

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DFY Marketing System

If you want to make commissions online, then the idea is simple:

You're going to need to send traffic (website visitors) to a web-page that offers a product that the traffic is hopefully interested in buying.

But there's just one problem with this...

The TRUTH of the matter is that it often takes seeing an offer (product) 5... 10... even 20 times before someone will buy it.

This means that if you only have one chance to sell them, you're doomed to failure.


If you have a system that can follow up with them (for months)...

And can do so while you sleep...

Then your likelihood of success gets MUCH better.

That's what Sleep-Sales Technology is all about.

The ability to automatically send professionally written follow-up messages that offer high-converting products, to people who have expressed interest.

And that's where The 12 Minute Affiliate System comes in...


Elite Training

The Ultimate Academy programme. Learn everything you need to become a super affiliate and a six figure earner in the online world.

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